Your Experience

Every house is different, every clients hopes and dreams for their home even more so. While the process is an intricate and varied one, there are some standard steps along the path.

The greatest service we can offer throughout the build process is clear, honest communication. From the first concept estimate through to the final build contract we carefully document all the costs involved. This means everything from council fees to kitchen appliances.

When planning your home, we recommend keeping a scrapbook with ideas, photos or clippings as a record of your inspiration.

It can be a great help when it comes to putting the design together and balancing the budget with the dream. We encourage the use of our plans to assist in developing your ideas and can often recommend cost effective methods of achieving your ideal design and build outcome.

Whether it's before or during we like to ensure our clients are connected to the whole process. We take care of all the details and will make sure we ask you any important questions along the way when necessary.

Through regular contact, updates and meetings we make sure you know whats happening along the way and that you are an important part of the designing and building of your new home. We are passionate about building and strive to make the whole process just as enjoyable for you.