Commencement Planning

Time to erect the safety fencing, have our first site meeting & start taking those pictures off the paper & setting them in stone.


Site Meetings

We organise the important site meetings with you when the time has come to discuss the detailed fit out work. We also encourage you to let us know anytiime you need to cover something off that's on your mind that you're not sure about or may want to change.



Floor down, roof on & installation of services are just a few of the exciting milestones that we love to let you know when they occur.


Quality Control

Our tradespeople have been carefully chosen by us for their high standard of workmanship & our contract management team are skilled & experienced in ensuring the highest quality & standards are maintained & all necessary inspections happen during construction.


Practical Completion

This is when your new home is nearly complete & ready to handover & the final preparations are being made to move in. We give you plenty of notice leading up to this so youre ready when the big day comes to move into your new dream home.



The most exciting & satisfying day after all the planning & hard work pays off & you get to shift in to your new home.