Home building is as much about understanding the landscape and the client as it is the plan and the materials. From our two offices in Christchurch and Rolleston, Canterbury our small company has built a huge range of homes that are distinctive, stylish, durable and cost-effective.

Since 2004 we have carefully built, among other things, a reputation for constructing high quality houses.

An artisan is someone who is highly skilled in a particular expertise, a hands-on craftsman – someone who is passionate about the quality results they produce. At Artisan Homes, our passion is building homes for people who appreciate the work that goes into what will, ultimately, be a home they love to live in.

Artisan homes focuses on new home building in the Canterbury Region in areas such as Pegasus, Rangiora, Belfast, Kaiapoi, Amberley, Rolleston, Prebbleton, Lincoln, Halswell and West Melton.

Working in small towns, we recognise the importance of community. Our work directly and indirectly provides the livelihoods for close to eighty Cantabrians. Their families rely on them, and they rely on us to continue to bring in work. We do so by always setting the bar high. A strong reputation takes time to build, and it can easily be thrown away. So we don’t rest on our laurels and instead ask to be judged on our last completed house build.

Since our beginning nearly ten years ago we have carefully developed the business to grow and evolve without negatively affecting the quality of the work. All our tradespeople are qualified and registered or licensed. Our abilities to design and build a range of houses have increased over the years, as has our skill and overall capacity. While we don’t have the franchises of our larger competitors we do have their networks and buying power. Which means our clients receive the most cost-effective results possible.

There have been challenges along the way. Living in Christchurch since September 2010 has placed unique demands on both the individuals and businesses of this city. We have adapted our work accordingly, supported our people and our community and have completed hundreds of EQC house assessment and repair projects.

Our communication abilities are put to good use managing earthquake house rebuilds and repair. Our local knowledge, understanding and experience helps ensure our clients get through this trying time with the minimum of stress. We have come through the challenges of the last few years stronger, and more robust. We help our clients achieve the same.



Rob Jones


Following in the footsteps of his father (who headed up a Canterbury-based civil construction company) Rob started out in the building industry when he was just sixteen.

"Dad was from the old school, when carpenters were considered craftsmen and required to possess a much wider range of skills: like pitching roofs and actually hanging doors; I learnt an awful lot from him."

Rob completed his apprenticeship with leading South Island commercial company Lunds before moving into a Project Management for a home building company in Canterbury.  Rob then brought his experience and passion to Artisan Homes in 2004 when the company was established building quality homes in Canterbury.

Contact Details

M 021 324 876
E robin@artisanhomes.co.nz